10 février 2021 Gas consumption forecasts: How to deal with new regulations, new constraints and new gases?

It’s increasingly important to forecast gas consumption to have better and quicker forecasts on both quality and quantity levels, especially to abide by EU energy regulations.

Gas distribution is a supply chain like almost any other.
Gas service providers, gas distributors and gas transporters have common issues. One of them is the consumption forecast. And this is where many questions arise:
– How can I make sure that my daily balancing is right?
– How do I detect losses in my network?
– How can I assure a quality of supply?
– How do I handle the injection of new gases like biomethane and hydrogen?
– What is the right way to optimise my network to become more efficient and obtain financial returns, or at least avoid fines?

So many questions to which our qualified speakers will bring their answers and opinions.

We are delighted to present a series of exclusive speakers, and look forward to introducing you to their views and ambitions.

Speakers :
Nicolas Jensen – Senior Policy Advisor – Eurogas
Antoine Mazy – Head of Energy Logistics – GASAG
Maël Chiapino – PhD R&D Data Scientist – DCbrain